Thursday, November 21, 2019

Describe a football game Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Describe a football game - Essay Example So the last game was to determine who would win the title. Manchester City was on top of the league table position because of the goal advantage though; to become a champion of England only one thing was left to do. Manchester City had to earn more points in the last game of the season against the club from London than its rival, Manchester United; only this way the City would finally win the title. In other words, Manchester City fans couldn’t demand anything less but the victory and three points, which had to secure the title for their club. The game started at 1:45 pm UTC sharp. Etihad Stadium was full with the City fans carrying Manchester City flags with bold letters written on them: â€Å"LOUD, PROUD, And LOYAL† (Steinberg, n.p.). Everybody seemed to know the importance of that game; even the players themselves appeared keen and energetic as they marched from the dressing room to the pitch, while all the City fans were rising up in celebration. The Etihad Stadium was full of joyous noise as each City fan was celebrating the success of the team, which everybody was sure about. When the referee Mike Dean blew his whistle to indicate the start of the game, every Manchester City fan rose up; what followed was a deafening noise as the fans tried to show their support to the selected eleven men on the pitch who were to carry on their backs the great responsibility for the success of the club, which had not won the Premier League title for many years. The game started on a high note as each team was trying to score a goal. The importance of this game and its result would have an immense effect on both teams. The feelings and emotions of the players were high as each team tried to secure the needed result from the game. Meantime, twenty minutes of the game passed: Manchester United scored in their game against Fulham. Etihad Stadium went mute as fans knew that if the City happened to lose or draw, then the United win would help them take the league title again. Faces of players on the bench could be compared to that of a crying baby wanting her mother to come over and pick him up. 38 minutes passed: Manchester City broke the deadlock with Zableta scoring a supremely amazing goal from a close range. At that moment, the stadium went wild, with the City fans holding each other’s arms and singing the club’s anthem in unison. Someone could mistake Manchester City coach for a teenager as he was jumping all over the field celebrating. Manchester City fans were holding and hugging each other and someone could mistake it for a world hugging day. This did not last long as QPR responded with an exceptionally stunning goal from Cisse. The few QPR fans at Etihad ran wild. Their little number could not be compared with the wild noise they made in their celebration. The other corner, City fans, was so quiet that one could think the world was coming to an end. At half time the result remained 1-1. This appeared to make the City coach insane as he kicked every water bottle around him while heading to the dressing room (Steinberg, n.p.). After half time, the City fans though being shocked with the result seemed to encourage their players whatever it took. They kept singing the club anthem, which they did while holding each other’s arms when the City scored first. Their celebration got a blow at 68th minute, when QPR scored another super goal. At this instance, both the City technical team and fans appeared to be shocked. Every City fan was quite, and their wrinkled faces spoke for them even more

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